Heat Pump Covers

Heat Pump and Air Conditioner covers made to complement your design vision.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Heatpump Covers specialises in custom made covers to hide the outdoor heat pump unit so that they seamlessly integrate with the exterior and architectural features of your home. Our covers are specifically performance tested and approved by leading heat pump and air conditioning manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric to look their best without interfering with the efficiency you brought that heat pump for.  

There is no-one else in New Zealand who can build a cover with our specially tested louvres or provide a heat pump cover that provides tested performance. We make our covers customised to your colour and style choice, utilising the full range of powdercoat colours available. Now there’s no longer a need to compromise exterior aesthetics with visual distractions.  

We specialise in custom designing for both large commercial projects as well as individual residential homes. We can tailor our product to suit the most discerning clients needs and we don't just stop at heat pump covers. We have extended our system to be able to take care of anything you want to hide. 

With our sharp lines, coupled with our top quality materials and finishes, we strive to ensure that your building looks as sleek as the architect intended.