Portable Floor Fan SPX500

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PORTABLE FLOOR FAN Provides fast cool relief

The localised air movement produced by this versatile portable fan eliminates dead air spots and helps to provide relief from hot and stagnant conditions. It enhances heat transfer between the air and human body, creating a feeling of freshness and resulting in a more comfortable environment.

Portable Floor Fan SPX500
o Motor: 230-240VAC 50Hz 0.80 Amp 1350 RPM
o Total Motor Wattage: 180 watts
o Sound Pressure Level at 3m in dBA: 64 on high
o Impellor Construction: Aluminium
o Three-speed, push-button control, Fan has a standard three-prong electrical plug.
o Free Air Fan Performance Approx.: Low 1417 l/s Med 1867 l/s High 2367 l/s
o Impellor Diameter: 500mm diameter
o Built-in safety thermal fuse
o Adjustable Tilt Head