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The Mitsubishi Electric ElitePure Air Purifier effectively cleans, renews and purifies the air inside your home or workplace using high performance 4-Step Air Filtration. By intuitively removing smells, dust, allergens, and other common pollutants and supplying clean filtered air back into the room at a powerful 508m3/h CADR*1, the ElitePure maximises indoor air quality so you can breathe continuously clean air, all year-round.

Key Features

  • Next generation 4-Step Filtration that cleans and deodorises the air, removing up to 99% of particles unseen to the human eye*2 .
  • High 508m3 /h CADR performance* 1
  • Whisper quiet operation from 22dBA*3
  • Smart Search Function - directs air flow into 5 different directions and when pollutants are detected, automatically filters them from the area
  • Intuitive Air Quality Monitors to cleverly monitor air quality through three independent sensors to detect odours, PM2.5 particles and dust and intuitively adjusts its operation to clean the space
  • Easy filter maintenance with washable filters

*1 In accordance with IEC63086-1:2020.
*2 Tested in accordance to GB/T18001-2015.
*3 MA-E85R-A in Silent mode

CADR Rating: 508m3/h
Air Volume: 510m3/h
4 Stage Air Purification System: Yes
Pre-Filter: Auto Cleaning
Main Filter: HEPA
Deodorizing Filter: Activated Carbon
Platinum Catalyst: Yes
Replace Filter Alert: Yes
Smart Search Mode: Yes
Air Quality Monitors: Yes
Noise Levels (Silent/Low/Medium/High/Turbo): 22/27/33/43/55 dB(A)
Colour: White
Weight: 9.9kg
Dimensions (WxDxH, mm): 425 x 244 x 547