Exterior Wall Centrifugal Extract Fan 200dia

An effective wall mounted fan that provides the following benefits:
• Easy installation either as a wall down discharge or mounted up under a soffit as a side discharge unit.
• Very low sound level as the fan is mounted in a box cowl outside (not in the roof space), as far as possible from the ventilated space.
• The unit is positioned on the wall so that it protrudes only 100mm to 130mm (depending on model).
• The centrifugal fan used is a European manufactured unit. It has better performance working against resistance than many other types of fans currently available and provides excellent performance when fitted to long duct runs.
• As the unit is located outside, it is readily accessible. In the unlikely event of fan problems, the unit can be easily removed and repaired or replaced as required.


Data for High Speed
Airflow FID l/s = 220 l/s
Fan Speed RPM = 2500
Single Phase 105 Watts 0.47 Amps
Max Temp C 45
Sound dB(A)@3m 49

Box Size 300 wide 300 high 115 deep
Spigot Size 200 50mm long

Terminals are located in the top LH corner, allowing wiring entry from the top, side or back.
Sold in its standard form, the unit comes with a weatherproof galvanised case complete with spigot. It is also available powder coated to any standard colour. 

MSRP: $507.76

Indent 1-2 days


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