100Ø 6m Insulated Premium Duct

Insulated Interlock Premium Flexible Duct
100Ø 6m Length

Manufactured by Airflow - The HVAC Shop Interlock Premium Flexible Duct is a robust durable lightweight air duct.

Core = Outer plastic rib that ensures the product's integrity and correct diameter, even in the tightest bends. Due to its mechanically locked rib, it is not prone to glue failure or fatigue (sagging or ovalisation) from vibration with age like non-ribbed glued duct.

R Value = 0.6 Insulate it is a polyester insulation both thermal and acoustic, a self extinguishing product and conforms to the building code requirements (NZ/Aust) as tested to AS 1530 Part 3, with a 4 zero fire rating. The use of 40mm (nominal thickness) polyester thermal blanket to insulate Interlock produces the high performance thermal properties.

Outercover: = White Poly Sleeve

Temperature Rating = -30°C to + 120°C

Insulated Flexible duct from Airflow - The HVAC Shop is perfect for residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

It is easy to cut to desired length and light weight for easy installation. Because it is flexible, it is easy to run around and through obstacles in the building.

Flexible ducting is available in 3m or 6m lengths. Each length of Interlock is individually packed for your convenience.

This product is easy to cut to desired length and install with all of The HVAC Shop plastic or sheet metal fittings.

MSRP: $62.00

Manufactured 2-3 Days


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