Condensate Pump Mini Blue with Reservoir

Miniblue R The Mini Blue R has been designed to combine performance, reliability and installation flexibility. By offering a revised version of the MiniBlue the pump remains compact enough to mount remotely and incorporates the electronics needed to operate the unique thermistor controlled reservoir sensor, allowing the pump to operate only when condensate is present. Supplied with the MiniBlue R is a ducting kit which can quickly and securely site and mount the reservoir within a dedicated elbow. Simply connect up supplied pump and condensate lines which sit within the duct. 

No servicing, no maintenace, no replacement parts. Nothing! A true fit and forget condensate pump. Non modular installation with minimum components when setting up. Fewer components means less time wasted on installation. No siphoning devices or check valves required

Blue Diamond – why risk anything less?

MSRP: $320.00

Available from Stock

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