Commercial Ventilators

Passive ventilation of roof cavities in homes & offices. Excellent silent running passive turbine ventilator for removing smoke, damp, hot and stale air.

Supplied ready to install

How many Ventilators do you Need for a Home?

House Size (Sq. Metres) Number of 300Ø Ventilators
90-100 1
160-180 2
220-270 3

Each ventilator is supplied with assembly and installation instructions.

• Follow installation instructions carefully.

• Ideally the vents should be positioned at the peak of the roof.

• Attempt to locate all ventilators in an undisturbed airflow from all directions.  

• Avoid installing on a low roof adjacent to vertical walls.

• Ideally ventilator spacing should be 5 metres, and we recommend no closer than 3 metres apart.