The History Of V.LOCK Global

About The Company

Vaico (the parent company of V.LOCK Global) was founded in 2006 as a family business. We educated and changed the New Zealand industry after the 2010-2011 Christchurch earthquakes, providing seismic engineering design and code compliance for non-structural building services in over 6000 projects.

Around the time of the Covid 19 pandemic We received and overwhelming response from the market, demanding a more cost-effective solution for seismic bracing and suspension of building services.

V.LOCK has put the power back into the contractor’s, hand allowing them to use engineers of their choice to bring them the best market rate and fastest turn around for design and sign off.

About The V.LOCK Product

The V.LOCK product was born out of adversity, and developed and refined with basic first principles at the forefront of the development.

V.LOCK was developed by one of our staff members with basic tools and patience, bringing about a product that is user friendly and cost effective.

Because of this simplicity, the V.LOCK product in some cases has reduced the cost to half the market rate (when compared to competing products/solutions)

This simplicity has also translated into a highly effective yet basic manufacturing process, allowing the V.LOCK product to be produced in high volume anywhere in the world to our exacting standards, all while reducing down-time, freight and importing issues.

V.LOCK has a Registered Design and has been granted Patent No. 2021107288, with other Patents Pending.

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