Low Profile Duct

Low profile ducting enables it to be concealed when installed along the top of wall units. It can also be fitted in ceiling voids and cavity walls, providing versatility whilst remaining unobtrusive.
System parts and channels are made from flame-retardant material.



110mm x 54mm: (equivalent to 100mm round diameter).

Suitable for applications requiring low extraction rates, such as ventilation of domestic bathrooms and toilets. With a 5940mm2 cross-section it provides efficient ducting for short, straight runs connecting to a 100mm round spigot.

204mm x 60mm: (equivalent to 125mm round diameter)

Suitable for ducting of kitchen cooker hoods with 100, 125 or 150mm round exhaust spigots. The flat channel cross section of 12240mm2 increases efficiency.

High Performance 220mm x 90mm: (equivalent to 150mm round diameter)

Suitable for applications requiring high performance extraction or supply. The flat channel cross section of 19800mm2 makes it highly efficient and higher extraction rates are achieved.

Flat Ducting 300mm x 25mm:

Suitable for applications where space is very limited.