Duct Flange

The Aircon Flange system is designed to provide a simple and effective means of connecting sheetmetal duct sections together.

This framing system was originally devised in 1969 by a German sheet metal engineer called George Mez. His company, Mez-Technik still manufactures the system today and the frames are often referred to as 'Mez frames'; in fact they are usually called 'Mez frames' regardless of the actual manufacturer; rather like vacuum cleaners are referred to as 'Hoovers'.

We stock another similar system called Aircon Flange which is made by Aircon Flange here in New Zealand.

Manufactured from 22 gauge galvanised sheetmetal, Aircon Flange’s multipurpose 25mm and 32mm flange system can be used for both plain and insulated ducting and is fully compatible with TDC ducting. It comes in standard five metre lengths.

There is an allowance for capping to be added for insulated duct, and Aircon Flange is supplied with a bead of UV-resistant and waterproof sealant to ensure minimal leakage.

The corners come in two millimetre zinc plated mild steel and two sizes to match both 25mm and 32mm flange. The cleats are available and fit both sizes of flange.