Heat Pump Covers

Can a Heat Pump Outdoor Unit Be Made to Look More Appealing?

Have you ever looked at a heat pump’s outdoor unit and thought “if only there was a way to hide that big ugly box!”

If this is the case, then you will be pleased to know there are specifically designed heat pump covers available which seamlessly integrate the outdoor unit with the appearance and architectural features of any home.

Improve your home's exterior by hiding your heat pump's outdoor unit

We have seen a definite growing segment of end-users who are putting more value on how things look. As a result, more and more customers are also looking for ways to ensure the exterior design aesthetics are maintained and not compromised by a big industrial-looking outdoor unit. Because these heat pump covers can be custom-made with a nearly endless choice of the best powder coating colours to choose from, the outdoor unit can now be effortlessly incorporated into the architectural vision of your dream home.

Choose from two styles and an almost unlimited range of colours to express your design personality

Heatpump Covers are available in two distinct styles. The Standard Cover comes with a colour matched sturdy aluminium top. The look is clean and simple. With an almost endless colour selection to choose from, you can stand out or tie it in with the features of your home – it’s up to you!

The Premium Cover offers a hardwood timber top laid into an aluminium frame with hand-finished detailed edges and an oiled surface, so it can seamlessly sit beside the finest outdoor furniture and building features. These are really popular when the cover is in your exterior living space as it provides an extra surface to use for food and drink or a favourite pot plant. If space is precious in your home, it also ensures you get to use the space originally lost to a heat pump.

Don’t compromise exterior aesthetics with visual distractions

With thousands of heat pump covers already installed throughout New Zealand over the years, Heatpump Covers have improved the exterior aesthetics of dwellings one cover at a time! They are the leading New Zealand manufacturer of standard and custom-designed exterior covers specifically made for heat pumps of any brand. From heat pump covers for body corporate led apartments or commercial projects such as retirement villages and schools, to covers that enhance the outdoor aesthetics for residential homes, chances are Heatpump Covers have already designed and made it!