Replacement Motors


It is seldom that a replacement motor cannot be identified through the original equipment manufacturers model number.

By following a procedure that answers specific questions about the old motor, a correct replacement motor can be selected quite easily.

It is always best to have the defective motor available for firsthand visual inspection and measurement. You cannot identify an unknown motor without proper information.

The status of the motor being replaced should also be checked to see if it is the original motor or a previous replacement motor.

Contact us with this information and pictures of the old motor (if possible) we will set to and find you a replacement.

The following are common questions to get answers when replacing a motor.

What is the application?

How is it mounted?

What type of motor is it?

What type of blades does it have?

How many speeds does it have?

What is the direction of rotation?

What is the kW, RPM, and voltage?

What is the shaft length and diameter?

Does the motor have any special features?

What is the motor diameter?

What is the blade diameter?

Is it being speed controlled?

What is the OEM part number on it?

Can you supply a photo?