Filtered Eggcrate Grille Media Only 150²

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DIY Replacement G2 Filter Media Pad for your Filtered Eggcrate Grille

This size media fits filter fames approx 150x150

G2 is a low-grade quality media that is suitable for general use in air conditioning filters

Media: Polyester 
Colour: White
Filter Class (EN779:2012): G2 

How to change your filter

  1. Remove the filter from the air grille vent
  2. Pull the rubber spline out by lifting from one corner and slowly pull around the frame.
  3.  Remove the old filter material/media and dispose of it, but keep the rubber spline to reuse.
  4. Place the new filter media/material pad over the frame & push the rubber spline back into the channel with the air filter material.
  5.  Trim any excess filter material with a pair of scissors.
  6. Fit the clean filter back into the return air grille vent.

If your rubber spline is starting to perish you can purchase new spline. 

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