Grab & Go 9 Outlet Ducted Air Conditioning Kit

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The HVAC Shop Grab & Go Kits are ready designed, premium ducted heat pump air conditioning kits. Everything you need for your ducted heat pump system.

Designed with optimal airflows in mind allowing efficent use for your ducted heat system. Using quality Kingspan KoolDuct panels, our pre-insulated plenum boxes are light weight and easy to install.

Round diffusers with adjustable centre cone allows control of the airflow.

Insulated flexible duct has a R1.0 rating designed to help maintain the temperature of the air being moved.

9 Outlet Kit
Suitable for large unit 12-18 kw <1000 l/s

When ordering let us know the Brand and Model of your ducted unit we will make the plenums to suit.









Supply Plenum - 3 x Spigot 300Ø
Return Plenum - 2 x Spigot 400Ø
Round Diffuser 200Ø White x 9
Filtered Eggcrate 550² Neck x 2
SQ/RND 550/400 Adaptor x 2
R1 Trade Flex 200Ø 6m Insulated x 7
R1 Trade Flex 300Ø 6m Insulated x 3
R1 Trade Flex 400Ø 6m Insulated x 2
DBTO 300.200.200.200 Insulated x 3
Hanging Strap 90mm wide 30mm  x 2
Reinforced Duct Tape 48mm*50m x 1
PVC Duct Tape Black 48mm*30m x 3
Hanging Kit
Threaded Rod M10 1m Zinc x 4
Nut M10 Hex Zinc - Loose x 12
Washer Penny M10x32 Zinc Loose x 12
Threaded Rod Base Plate M10 Z x 4