Grease Filter 394*394 AF Screw Construction

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Grease Filters







Filter Frame: Robust 2.0mm Aluminium Extruded Frame, Screw Construction

Filter Core: Aluminium Foil Crimped to Honeycomb Pattern

Handles: Stainless Steel Handles

Rated Capacity: 0.309 m³/s


The honeycomb grease filters are a 50mm thick panel filter. They are efficient and easy to clean due to the smooth walled passages of the aluminium core.

The unique design of the media splits the incoming grease laden air into many criss-crossing streams and the resulting changes in direction forces grease particles to contact and adhere to the surface of the media.

This honeycomb media is encased in a 50mm thick aluminum extruded frame, which is screwed together. All frames have drain holes for the cooking fat to drain in to the canopy channels