Roof Cowl 250Ø 600mm Tube

250Ø Cowl Spun Aluminum with galvanised steel tube with birdmesh
Nominal Dia: 250Ø
Cowl Top Dia: 407Ø
Cowl Top Height: 112mm
Tube Length: 600mm

This Roof Cowl is an aerodynamically superior cowl offering the following features

Saves on installation costs as it can be installed using a roof flashing to seal.
An aesthetically pleasing profile.
Significant airflow characteristics.
Reduced noise as a result of less air turbulence.
Birmesh incorporated as standard.

The unique design of these cowls provides efficient air exhaust expulsion, and also offers superior protection from rain, back drafts and rodents. The roof cowl is aluminium. 
The cowl slips over the roof pipe to prevent rain water running down the inside of the pipe.

Powder Coating available on request.

MSRP: $145.00

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