KwikWire Rope 2.3mm (3/32")

KwikWire Wire Rope - 2.3mm (13/32") x 152m
Use BKC100 or KL150 Clamps
Kg Safety Factor 5 (11-68kg)

The KwikWire Clamp/Wire Rope system is designed to suspend static loads.  Its Hanging and Installing service applications include Ducting, Roof Suspension Systems,  HVAC, Signs, Hanging Mechanical Services, Electrical Services, Installing Cable Trays, Channel, Lights, Shade Sails, Mining Supports, Balustrade and Catenary.

Rectangular/Circular duct is one of the most common applications used with KwikWire Clamp. The hangers can be attached to bearers, fastening points on the duct if available, or used in a cradle method.

Suspend ducting from the ceiling is simple and fast using the versatile and flexible KwikWire Clamp Cable System

The KwikWire Clamps can be installed both quickly and easily.  The product is used for Suspending or Bracing:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Services
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Services
  • Panels for Cold Rooms
  • Seismic Bracing
  • Other Suspended Services
  • Reduces Installation time

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