Weather Cowl Stainless Steel 150Ø Spigot

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Weather Shield Cowl Stainless Steel Outlet Vent 150Ø Spigot


  • Easy to install

  • One-year warranty


  • Colour: Stainles Steel

  • This square stainless steel external grille offers a more aesthetic appearance than more traditional plastic grilles. They are more weather proof and are not affected by ultra violet rays like some plastics can be.

  • This grille comes with a gravity flap to prevent small mammals and birds from accessing the ducting attached to it, this gravity flap is stylishly covered by the square shape cowl.

  • It can be attached to rigid pipe or flexible pipe and is screwed to the external wall

  • The grille can be cleaned using any stainless steel cleaner.

MSRP: $74.00

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