Axial Plate Fan 400Ø mm

AAPF400-4 1Ø – DUNLI 4050mm Axial Plate Fan Form B & S

o AAPF400/4 4 Pole
o Motor: 230-240VAC 50Hz 0.8 Amp 1380 RPM
o Motors are external rotor motors with protection to IP54.
o Total Motor Wattage: 190 Watts
o Sound Pressure Level at 3m in dBA: 60
o Impellor Construction: Sheet steel impeller blades
o Free Air Fan Performance: 0.96m3/s / 967 l/sec
o Impellor Diameter: 400mm diameter
o Plate Dimensions: 540mm x 540mm
o Temperature Range: -20°C to 40°C

AAPF Plate Mounted Axial Fans are suited to a wide variety of discharge and supply applications in the building services sector, such as warehousing, restaurants, sports halls, industrial units, schools. These fans are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation in air movement applications.

Airflow Direction:
Blow (Exhaust) or Supply

MSRP: $475.00

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