Filter Media Cut M5 1m x 2m wide

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FILTER MEDIA Per Meter, M5, 1m X 2m, WHITE

Sold by multiples of 1 Lineal Meter


Applications: Prefilter HVAC & Industrial 

Notes: High quality filter media, Low pressure drop, Medium filtration
Prefilters for higher quality of air and for the separation of fine dusts in high quality air ventilation and air conditioning plants

Media: Polyester 

Colour: White

Filter Class (EN779:2012): G4 

Actual Dimension: 2m wide

Airflow: 5400m³/h

Press Drop: 35pa

Max Final Press Drop:  250pa

Max Temp: 100°C

Max Relative Humidity:  90%

MSRP: $60.00

Indent 1-2 days

Minimum quantity: 1

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