Filter Media Cut Carbon 1m x 1m wide

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FILTER MEDIA Per Meter, Carbon, 1m X 1m, Black

Sold by multiples of 1 Square Meter


Applications: Prefilter HVAC & Industrial 

Carbon pads are made of non-woven polyester, impregnated with finely ground, activated carbon that are great for solutions for odor removal.

Activated carbon works by preferential adsorption. This means it only adsorbs certain atoms, ions or molecules from a gas or liquid. In air filtration applications where the activated carbon is impregnated into our G4 polyester, the carbon particles work as scavengers by attracting gases and odours through electrostatic attraction. When these molecules come into contact with the carbon surface, they become trapped.

Media: Polyester 

Colour: Black

Filter Class (EN779:2012): G4

Actual Dimension: 1m wide

Press Drop: 40pa

Max Final Press Drop:  250pa

Activated carbon air filters may only to last up to 3 months, the activated carbon with in the air filter has a limited life span based on the amount of odors required to absorb replacement may need to occur in quicker intervals.

MSRP: $65.00

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Minimum quantity: 1

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