Roof Fan 250mm Centrifugal Tube Top Roof Fan

TTMCR models are high capacity roof mounted centrifugal exhaust fans they are used to exhaust air from a variety of industrial, commercial buildings, such as machinery and equipment rooms, storage areas, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, schools and similar buildings.

o TTMCR250-2E Tube Top Centrifugal Roof Fan
o Motor: 230-240VAC 50Hz 1 Phase 0.8 Amp Full Load Current 2580 RPM
o Backward curved impeller speed controllable
o BCA Compliance: Complies with Section J5.2 2009
o Total Motor Wattage: 183 Watts
o Sound level at 3m [dB(A)] Free Field: 57
o High quality aluminum cowl construction, with fan incorporated, for longevity of operation
o Free Air Fan Performance: 370 l/sec
o Impellor Diameter: 250mm diameter
o Birdmesh fitted as standard.
o Mountings: 250mm spigot off bottom of fan unit

Tubes, Roof Flashings avaiable as optional extra

MSRP: $765.00

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