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Replacement Filter for Generation 1 HRV System
High Efficiency - Grade F7 - EU7
Filter class - EN779 - Eurovent 4/4 Performance data based on ASHRAE 52.2.1992
F7 box filter suitable for Generation 1 HRV Steel Box HRV Systems

305mm height
295mm width
95mm depth

Complementary Tape is approx. 1.5m
Complementary code for reset filter light,

Large filtration area, which helps with airflow and gives the filter a longer life, the average filter will last between 12-24 months depending on the environment you live in.

For those wondering about servicing of HRV/DVS units –

New Zealand HRV units require the F7 Box type filter (if you have a twin fan model HRV, you will require 2 x filters - one for each fan, if your box is a metal box you have a Gen1 filter a plastic box requires a Gen2 Filter.).

Whilst HRV distributors prefer to maintain your HRV unit, you DO have the option of replacing the filter/s yourself (which will take around 15mins - very simple to do).

MSRP: $65.00

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