HRV Generation 2 Box Filter

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Generation 2 HRV System
High Efficiency - Grade F8 - EU7
Filter class - EN779 - Eurovent 4/4 Performance data based on ASHRAE 52.2.1992

F8 box filter suitable for Generation 2 HRV Plastic Box HRV Systems

300mm height
295mm width
95mm depth

Complementary code for reset filter light,

Large filtration area, which helps with airflow and gives the filter a longer life, the average filter will last between 12-24 months depending on the environment you live in.

For those wondering about servicing of HRV/DVS units –

New Zealand HRV units require the F7 Box type filter (if you have a twin fan model HRV, you will require 2 x filters - one for each fan, if your box is a metal box you have a Gen1 filter a plastic box requires a Gen2 Filter.).

Whilst HRV distributors prefer to maintain your HRV unit, you DO have the option of replacing the filter/s yourself (which will take around 15mins - very simple to do).

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